Testimony #1-2017


We have been using your supplements for years and have always loved them, but the new BodyBliss is fantastic!  We had a horse come back into training, and when the owner came back to see him a week later and ride him, she could not believe how smooth, flowing and calm he was.  She was amazed.  We love the BodyBliss…not only do the horses eat it well and do fantastic on it, the price is great!  I keep containers in the barn and in the horse trailer and one hidden away so  I am never without it.


Bugsy Gray




Testimony #2-2017


I have a horse that I have had continual gut issues with.  He is a cribber and very anxious.  Back in November he coliced and I almost lost him in December.  He had been treated with omeprazol drugs and he would get better for a day or two but then go right back to poor eating, bad stools,  chewing the fence and sucking wind.  We tried everything! He has been on the Digestive Therapy Powder for  10 days now.  In the last 7 days he has stopped chewing the fence, stopped cribbing, He is eating great, his stools are normal, he is calm and most importantly he is HAPPY.  I love DT Packets!!! I don’t want to take him off.  You guys should be proud of this product, it is truly amazing.  Thank you!


Lisa Bongers







 Date 02/28/2017

Dear Caron,


Your site said I would be amazed and guess what?! I AM AMAZED!!!!!!! Toby is doing SO much better!!!! Last week I spied on him from the road just to see what was going on and I actually thought he was another Bay in his group, he was so relaxed and loose … I seriously thought, “I wonder where Toby is?” Then he turned front ways and I saw his fatness and knew it was him!! :^D

One of his pasture mates escaped when I took him out, so I put Toby back in the pasture to catch the escapee, who I managed to get in to an empty paddock in the middle of the rest … of course Bandit went bat-shit crazy and got the horses all around him stirred up, too … including Toby!! He was out there cantering around like a fool … now I realize part of that is instinct, but what a great joy it was to see that his body could actually REPSOND to his instincts!! I haven’t seen him run around like that in months …

Then I thought, “Well he is going to pay for THAT!!” That’s because his shoulders had been SO tight, they were like bricks. I released the tension in them repeatedly for weeks on end, and his entire shoulder down to his elbow would shudder up. Day after day he was tight (mind you, all he was doing was being a horse – he hadn’t actually been WORKING).

After a few days on the DT product, I found his left shoulder was soft and loose. Last Sunday (after he was done running around), I found his RIGHT shoulder was no longer tight, either … but seriously expected that to come back. Guess what? It never did!!! It’s been a week now and while he has some tightness is his lower neck (likely from not being able to USE those muscles correctly for months due to his shoulder tightness …!), both his shoulders are relaxed and loose. He is moving with more energy (no longer the horse that has to be “dragged” along), his head is up again and his ears are forward. He is alert, responsive, and swinging freely through his whole body. His coat is getting its old gloss back. He has is no longer touchy on either flank, and is getting a “waist” again!!!!! Best of all, he has the “presence” I have loved in him all his life – his bad-ass personality and strut-my-stuff attitude is back (Toby is NOT a horse others want to mess with!!:^D).

I am so grateful to you and the products you developed … I am getting my REAL horse back!!!!! :^D It is nothing short of miraculous …

 From: Kim Moquin
Date: May 18, 2016
To: EH&P Subject: Testimonial

Dear  Caron,

Here are the pics from the 75 mile race that we used the “travel pro” this race they got 2nd place with a ride time of 6 hours 41 minutes … This race qualified Bo Bo to the Young Riders 4 star race that will be held in July at the Colorado Horse Park! One more race that Haley has to complete in Montana Ft. Howes ride June 11th… So she will be qualified, if she completes the Montana race then these 2 will be going to the Young Riders 4 star race in Colorado where she will be competing on Central Team US 😊

Equine Health and Performance's photo.
Equine Health and Performance's photo.

 From: Jerry Gates
Sent: Friday, November 19, 2015 9:55 AM
To: EH&P Subject: Testemonial

Dear Lisa & Caron,
Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the HP Daily. Since, I’ve been using it my horses condition has improved. I’ve noticed a shinier coat,solid hooves, great body condition and a extra sparkle in the eye. I also, like knowing there is a equibiotic included in their daily ration. This keeps my mind at ease because you want their digestive tract to always be balanced.
I’ve been using many of your products for many years now and I can honestly say I have been extremely pleased with all my results.
Thanks for always being there for me and my horses.
Nancy Gates

From: Cindy Young
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2015
Subject: Re: Bandit
Wanted to share with you Steve’s (my husbands) reaction to all this. He was never much convinced from the get go about what I was doing for Bandit and why I was changing his feed and supplements (you know the don’t fix what ain’t broke theory)…..but he FINALLY admitted last night that he sees a significant difference in that horse and how he’s performing. Amazing, huh? I too am amazed but was convinced much early on. Just thought you’d like to know that.
Cindy Young

Thursday, November 04, 2015 8:52 PM
Subject: RE: Brushy and EH&P Products
Hello Well, the Brushinator is doing fabulous! I have attached a few photos which are quite remarkable given this pony had days when simply walking was a chore!
His most recent bloodwork has him off thyroid meds (Thyro-L) thanks to your products.
Best, Cathleen Peabody

Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2015
Subject: Ditto’s blood work
Hi Caron…I am forwarding this email to you as a testimonial for EH&P Products including Metaboplex. I think most of the ponies that we show with are now on Metaboplex! I can also tell you that the vet was not really wanting to try the Metaboplex–she just wanted to go with pergulide!
So we did some blood work on Ditto to check in on his pre-cushings situation. He looks great, but we wanted some empirical data. He started at 107 and he’s now at 57 and normal goes to 56!!! And he’s only been on it for 2 months. Our vets think that’s pretty darn amazing.
I have my grand prix horse all the way down to my short stirrup ponies on different products from Blue Ridge and I love sharing the info with others.
Thought you’d like to know…. Thanks for all of your help! …Sheryl

Sent: Friday, May 23, 2008 7:10 AM
To: Caron Haggerty, EH&P Subject: RE: World cup order follow-up
Hi I really appreciate your support and guidance. As I said we were amazed by the results in just a few weeks on the mare we started, and look forward to seeing all three benefit now.
I’ll try and send some before/after pictures at some point.
Best, Jennifer Stine

Sent: Thursday, May 20, 2010 1:58 PM

Hey, I’m going to make pretty before and after documents for you, but
wanted you to see Daisy’s improvements right away. Unbelievable!!!
George & Julie Bell

Sent: Thu, Mar 25, 2010 7:52 am
Subject: Flash
Hey, Here is Flash at 33 yrs. young! Thanks to you and your good food he is still going strong!!!!His registered name is Caldorado. He is a purebred Arabian Stallion, and has sired many. All of his get looks just like him! We even have his first daughter in the barn. She is 28 yrs. old.

From: tmhillsfarm@aol.com [mailto:tmhillsfarm@aol.com]
Sent: Wednesday, September 24, 2008 6:12 PM
Subject: thanks from tm hills farm
Hello, I want to thank you for all your help and to let you guys now that the horses are going great. Shamrock show this weekend and we used our HP7 saddle pad. The horse was great he was 5, 2 and 3. Other horses under HP daily; Don’t Touch This was division champion, won 2 classes and was 3 on another one. Lazy Bone 2 and 3, Amadeus Amadagio 5
Thanks Blueridge and the HP7 products !!!!
Terry Gonzalez

Thu 10/9/2008 11:01 PM
Our retired showjumper was diagnosed with Cushings at the age of 23. Our veterinarian prescribed Pergolide. We started him on the medication and then I called Caron Haggerty at EH&P. She had worked wonders for our hunter that had COPD, so I was sure she could work her magic for this guy. Sure enough, she reworked his feeding plan and suggested we put him on Metaboplex. We weaned him off the Pergolide and began feeding him the Metaboplex 2 times per day. We started to see results within three weeks. His energy returned, his attitude brightened and his coat, which was dull and lackluster, started to have a bit of shine. The improvement continued, within 2 months his coat was so shiny he looked like it was wet. It was wonderful knowing we were giving him something that was actually good and healthy for him without the side effects of drugs.
Thank you, Christina
According to “Gospel”… Equine Light Therapy

Mon 10/6/2008 5:46 PM
Hi, I am sending this email to share with you how happy I am with Metaboplex. I have a small pony that has was put on pergulide by my vet to treat the beginning stages of cushing’s syndrome. After being on pergulide for a few months the pony was lame. We tried everything to identify what was causing the lameness including doing a bone scan and could not figure out what was causing the problem. In the meantime, I encountered you at a horse show and talked to you about the situation. We immediately took the pony off of pergulide and started him on Metaboplex. Within 2 weeks the pony was sound and has not taken a lame step since. He also stopped the cushing’s symptoms that we were treating–the fat pockets went away and his coat was not as rugged. I have told many people about Metaboplex and any of my ponies that show the symptoms of cushing’s are using Metaboplex. I have had nothing but great results!!! …Sheryl Sutherby, Barn Manager Rolling Acres Farm

Wednesday, August 26, 2009 10:14 PM
I contacted Caron Haggerty of EH&P in April of this year for help with the respiratory problems for two of my horses. Both horses had severe respiratory issues and could only tolerate minimal activity. They both coughed continually and each breath could be seen as their sides heaved. Respirations were continually rapid and their nostrils were flared. Our veterinarian diagnosed seasonal allergies and prescribed steroid injections as needed to keep them comfortable. We were anxious to find a solution and avoid the steroid injections and contacted EH&P. Caron advised discontinuing their feed (a well known commercial product) in case they might also have a corn allergy and starting them on Equibiotic and LivImmune along with Rice Bran or Beet Pulp. She cautioned me that it would be a long term process; but that their allergies would improve over a 3 month period. I stayed with the program and also per Caron’s suggestions kept them outside 24/7 in a shelter and watered their hay to minimize dust exposure. I noted slight improvement within the first month. They have steadily improved over the past 3 months until now in August, there are no signs of respiratory problems. The older Quarterhorse mare, age 22, has always had respiratory problems since we purchased her 12 years ago. This is the first time she doesn’t cough after exertion and breathes normally. My 12 year old Morab gelding had never had repiratory problems before last fall and was severely affected. He has made a total turn around and I am able to ride him again and he is back to his normal high energy self. I wish I had taken before and after video to illustrate the dramatic improvement. I am extremely grateful to Caron for helping me address these problems and am so thankful to see my horses running and playing without gasping for breath.
Lynne Wiebke

From: Cindy Young
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2009 08:03:35 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: Bandit
Bandit has been on his HP3 supplements, WinTreats and EH&P Electrolytes since August, and I’ve seen a significant overall improvement in his athleticism as well as his attitude and endurance. I am convinced that he not only is healthier, but much happier since changing his diet. He now competes at a level that I never dreamed possible until now.
His total mileage to date is an impressive 450 competition miles, with several more competitions to compete in the final months of the year. To date in the Southeast Regional Points standings we are in second place in the Featherweight Division.
Thank you to EH&P for giving me the guidance, reassurance and peace of mind needed to care for my horse Bandit and to look forward to competing on him for years to come.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008 3:27 PM
EH&P Products and Caron Haggerty saved my horse’s life! Without her, my horse would never had been able to get off of the steroidal drugs. My mare was doomed to eventually founder from the drugs, and doomed to go down that spiraling hole. Her condition worsened with every attempt to decrease the steroids so back on the steroids she went. After also trying two other natural regimens that didn’t help, fate intervened and I came across a testimonial on the internet for Blueridge Products. That testimonial changed everything, so I hope this testimonial reaches out to someone who is wondering what to do next, like I was. For the first month, I introduced the EH&P Products regimen and gradually decreased the Prednisolone. The condition began to stabilize with less and less steroids. Now, after 90 days and no drugs, (and Caron assured me that my mare would be healthy in 90 days) my mare is healed!!! The first vet tried an antihistamine therapy for 8 months and the second vet tried steroidal therapy for 3 months. Both therapies made her worse and neither truly healed her from the inside out like the EH&P Products therapy did. EH&P Products and Caron worked a miracle before my eyes!!! Thank you EH&P Products & Caron!
Hether from California

From: LMSPhD
To: chaggerty@bluerb.com
Sent: 3/11/2008 11:04:31 A.M. Central Daylight Time

Hi Caron,
The farrier came and showed me a big groove in Cody’s hoof wall. Above the groove is the new growth since the diet change. It is flatter against the hoof. Then there is the groove and the rest of the hoof is 1/8 to 1/4” out from other part. David said that the new hoof is growing back without scar tissue. That’s why it is less protruding than the old (damaged) part. I am going to photograph it because it is so dramatic!

I gave your name to the big Buckeye distributor in Shelbyville, saying that if anyone is having a problem with insulin resistance or other metabolic problem that you have products that are effective.

I’d like to do an article for local small paper that people seem to read as much or more than the Tennessean. I think that there are a lot of people like me who rely on the vet or feed store for choices in diet and remain ignorant of truly effective diets. My horses are so full of vitality and they appear to be so healthy and I know it’s all diet because everything else has remained constant. The article would be about what insulin resistance is and how it affects us here and what we did about it.
Thanks, Louise

March 10, 2008
Dear Caron,

When I heard you talk about nutrition and food, I thought it was interesting and agreed with the principles. I always believed that “You are what you eat.” But that turned out to be too static a concept. I have replaced it with, “Good nutrition not only sustains but also heals our bodies on a continual basis.”

Poco’s Cody Joe, my 16 year old palomino quarter horse had very few problems until he was about 11 or 12. He developed laminitis and I was advised to use a farrier who did corrective shoeing and to find a way to have him lose weight. I talked to my instructor, other owners and the vet and never could come up with a decision about how to feed him. One horse owner did advise me to forego sweet feed. No one could offer me a definite plan, and I had never imagined there would be an equine nutritionist. I even called a major feed manufacturer but did not believe that I got useful information other than to buy a certain type of their feed.

The big problems started in the fall 2006. He had severe laminitis without rotation of the coffin bone. I kept him off all grass until he was better and through the next spring allowed him to be out a few hours and back in to digest for 3 or 4 hours and then out an hour or two and back in for the night. That routine worked, but he still did not look great. His hoofs were rippled and he did not move with enthusiasm.

The next fall I thought the problem was reoccurring and called the vet. He had a shot of bantamine (sp?) and was kept in. Another vet came to check and basically told me that I was overdoing my worry and to put him out in the pasture. Within hours it took him 20 minutes to walk 100 feet. Then the testing for Cushing’s Disease and the medicine Pergolide began. Even though his test was negative for Cushing’s, I was advised by the vet to continue the medicine because it probably helped with sugar. I had to chase him down and shoot it into his mouth, and he hated it. On the Internet I found that it had been banned by the FDA because it causes heart valve damage in humans, so I discontinued the Pergolide.

My friend Kathy encouraged me to contact you because her horse never had a problem with arthritis again after your recommendations and supplements. For 90 days I have faithfully followed the diet plan you made for all 3 horses. I have fed them the Metaboplex, Oils, and your probiotic supplement. What incredible changes, not only in their bodies but in their spirits and enthusiasm as well.

The farrier was amazed at Cody’s hoofs. There is a distinct groove that marks where the change in feeding began. According to the farrier, the new growth is dense and close to the hoof and strong in contrast to the old scarred growth that is bumpy and ridged and about 1/4″ out from the new growth. (This change did not happen before when I used a well respected formula for hoof health for 9 months.) The horses have changed in body shape to be more sleek and athletic looking. And what I have forgotten to mention is that they LOVE to eat their food!
Finally! I have confidence that I know what I am doing and what I am doing works!

I cannot thank you enough,
Louise Strang, PHD
Thompson’s Station, TN

Wed 4/9/2008 1:03 AM

I just wanted to take this opportunity to THANK YOU!! from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful product, Equigesic XS.
I have a 25 yr old QH mare that came up lame in mid-December 2007. I found you at the Scottsdale All Arabian Show in February 2008, by accident. I was there looking for another vendor I had read about in a magazine. Thank GOD I stumbled upon your booth! You had me take home a 4-lb bag of the Eq XS and I started her on it 2/19/08. She had been on it about 10 days when she decided to trot out to the arena for her turn-out. This mare had not trotted since December! She has now been on it for 6 weeks and she is back to harassing the two ponies and chasing the goats out of the arena. My old girl is BACK!
I just ordered a 12-lb bucket. I’m keeping her on it and I even started my 19 yr old QH gelding about a week ago. My vet had been out for spring shots and confirmed my suspicion. Founder in the right front hoof. He’s feeling better about his hoof already.
I tell every horse person I know about this life-saving product.
Please, keep up the good work!

I am a true believer in your product.
Kelly Forbes
Scottsdale, AZ

Sun 5/4/2008 3:06 PM
Wow!!! Do I ever love your products. I have a Missouri Fox Trotter, “Smokey” staying at my friend Allison’s ranch. She has been feeding him EH&P Product everyday and does he ever show it. He really looks great. So she introduced me to your company at the Scottsdale show. I spoke with you about my very old guy having Cushings Disease and ordered your product.
Now the REALLY BIG news is about this 42 year old mule, “Muley”. He has been on Metabolease and Peroglide that the Vet has given him for about a year. He looks absolutely horrible! He has a huge dropped down belly, his pooping is off, he is lethargic. His eyes are doing what I call “Snotting up” and draining a lot and his hair is all thick, long, long,dull, matted and brittle. He never did shed off all last summer and was so miserable. I’m in Arizona where it is beyond hot. But now–well! What a change. I started him on your Metaboplex just about a month ago, taking him off everything else. Already he has lost the “snotty eyes”, his belly is up, he has lots of energy now and is back to being his “little pisser” self. He is having no bowel movement issues and is eating much better. And all that long ugly matted hair has almost shed completely off. His coat is soft & shinny again. What a huge turn around in such a quick period of time. I am so happy to have him off the other stuff that is all harmful chemical–not to mention VERY expensive. I’m sending the photo of him good 3 years ago, on the drugs for a year, and now. Pictures tell it all. Thank you so much for giving my “Muley” back. My Vet was just up to see him. He just could not get over just how great Muley looks and how quick the turn around. He had to see what Muley was getting, read everything I had about your products and was stunned at the difference. He even said, “Well, I sure can’t deny the huge difference for the better. He looks absoluelty great!” The Vet is going to stop by reguarly just to monitor the progress just for his own curiousity on this product.
Now your helping me with my dogs and I will report back on that later too. Thanks again for your awesome products. “Muley is back to being a happy, healthy mule again!
Susy Mister–proud and thankful user of your product!
Susy Mister

Wed 5/21/2008 2:45 PM
World cup order follow-up
Hi Caron,
Thanks so much for getting back in touch! We gave the HP supplement to our 22 year old pregnant mare and we were amazed by the results in just a few weeks, a big difference in her coat etc., and she is looking great. Now we are putting all three of them on it.
Best, Jenny

Raven 4/7/08
Thank God for Caron Haggerty and EH&P! Her condition has been labeled “severe vasculitis”. Possibly a (very) delayed vaccination/worming reaction. We are titering her rather than vaccinating her this Spring and we are doing a fecal rather than worming her at this time. I can’t thank each of you at EH&P enough for your support!!!!!!
– Cathleen

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